Step 6: Final Outcome

This young boy was referred appropriately to a multidisciplinary centre. A biopsy confirmed high grade osteosarcoma. He received chemotherapy and then underwent resection of his proximal tibia and rotationplasty. After this he finished the rest of his chemotherapy and eventually made a good recovery, returning to school and activities. He was still clear of disease two years later.

There are several options for surgical reconstruction after the tumour has been removed. One option is reconstruction using a technique known as rotationplasty. This involves shortening the remaining leg, and rotating the foot so that it now functions as a ‘knee’. An artificial leg is used to connect the new knee to the ground. This allows a long term, durable result that very rarely needs further surgery, and function can be surprisingly good.

Other alternatives would include a ‘growing’ implant inside the leg. The final choice depends on the situation, and the surgeon will help the parents with these decisions.

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