Assessment Test


  • 1. Soft Tissue Sarcomas:

  • 2. Ewing Family Tumor is characterized by the following:

  • 3. Osteochondromas:

  • 4. An MRI scan can definitively diagnose a soft tissue sarcoma:

  • 5. A 14 year old boy has a swollen tibia and pain for 6 months. You suspect a bone tumour. What would be the best first radiological investigation?

  • 6. A patient undergoes treatment including 5000cGy of external beam radiation and wide resection surgery for a large, deep high grade soft tissue sarcoma in the thigh. There is no evidence of metastases. How will you counsel the patient?

  • 7. Multidiscplinary teams include specialists from which of the following disciplines?

  • 8. A patient has a superficial lesion that is 4 cm in size. It feels like a lipoma. Is it safe for the family doctor to remove this in her office?

  • 9. Giant Cell Tumor of Bone:

  • 10. Referring to the causation of sarcomas

You score is 8/10