Assessment Test


  • 1. Soft Tissue Sarcomas:

  • 2. In the treatment of malignant primary bone tumours (bone sarcomas), Radiation Therapy has an important role in the primary treatment of:

  • 3. Ewing Family Tumor is characterized by the following:

  • 4. Osteochondromas:

  • 5. Multidiscplinary teams include specialists from which of the following disciplines?

  • 6. Osteosarcoma:

  • 7. A patient has a superficial lesion that is 4 cm in size. It feels like a lipoma. Is it safe for the family doctor to remove this in her office?

  • 8. A 35 year old man presents to his family doctor with a fast growing, 15 cm soft tissue mass in his right thigh. He has noticed it for three months. You examine him and think the lession is deep. What is the next best step?

  • 9. Giant Cell Tumor of Bone:

  • 10. Referring to the causation of sarcomas

You score is 8/10